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Yeme Tech joins forces with Esri UK

We have successfully signed a partnership agreement with Esri UK, the world's largest mapping company.

partnership announcement Esri UK

Their geographic information system software has an unparalleled reach and impact, serving impressive customers such as HS2, Sustrans, Sport England, and over 200 local authorities in England and Wales. Together, we have the potential to make an indelible mark on urban planning, unlocking the true potential of communities all across the nation.

The event has had a widespread coverage, telling our story of how we aim to improve urban planning for towns and cities by developing digital solutions using spatial data.

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Yorkshire Post. Yorkshire tech firm partners with world's largest mapping company to help build happier cities.

Telegraph & Argus. Yeme Tech launches platform to help improve city planning.

Esri UK media coverage

Empowering Communities, Driving Positive Impact

At Yeme Tech, we firmly believe that successful urban planning transcends traditional measures of infrastructure.

That's why our Community Data Platform goes above and beyond, not just considering tangible assets like schools and parks, but also factoring in local stakeholders, events, and the dynamic activities of community groups.

By gaining valuable insights into the social well-being and economic health of communities, we are determined to drive transformative change.

Community Data Platform diagram

Inspired by Success: The Bromley by Bow Centre

Taking cues from the success of the Bromley by Bow Centre, we're more committed than ever to streamline the regeneration process for towns and cities.

Our platform's ability to provide granular, real-time data facilitates seamless collaboration between planners, developers, and local communities. Our ultimate aim is to create urban spaces that truly reflect the desires and needs of the people who call them home.

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